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Spend your time doing the things you do best. Let MRO handle your tax compliance requirements efficiently and effectively.

We want you to sign and file your tax returns without an ounce of lingering concern. For that, you need to have complete confidence in your tax preparer’s ethics. Many professionals assume their ethics need not be stated, however we feel an explicit statement regarding our ethics in tax preparation is warranted.

  • Our goal is to legitimately minimize our clients’ tax liability over the long term.

  • We will never encourage our client to overstate expenses, underreport income, or take an illegitimate or unsupported tax position.

  • We do not fear audits; we want to prevail in them.

  • We will not take a tax position contrary to our client’s best interest solely to reduce the risk of an audit. (Some legitimate tax positions or deductions increase the taxpayers risk of being selected for audit.)

  • We will always file the return in such a manner to minimize the client’s risk of an audit, provided it is not contrary to the client’s interest to do so.

  • Occasionally, where supported by relevant court cases with circumstances similar to those of our client, we may recommend a position contrary to a stated IRS position, or one not clearly defined by IRS regulation. In such a circumstance our client would be carefully informed of the potential risk of the tax position being challenged in audit, and the potential financial impact to the client should the position be reversed.

With careful planning and research, we can legitimately minimize our clients’ tax obligations over the long term, and everyone will sleep easier.


our guarantee


If our error creates a penalty for our client, we will pay the penalty. This guarantee does not apply when we are provided erroneous, incomplete or untimely information.

If an error in our preparation requires the amendment of a tax return, we will amend that return without charge.


Murray, Roberts & Otto CPA Firm S.C. will prepare your federal and state tax returns from the information you, or others designated by you, provide. It is your responsibility to provide all the information required for the preparation of complete and accurate returns. We will not audit or otherwise verify the information provided. In the event that information provided is inaccurate, incomplete, or untimely, then any additional tax, penalty, or interest assessed against you will be your responsibility.

In the event that we make an error in preparing your return that is not the result of inaccurate, incomplete, or untimely information, and such error causes interest and penalty, the Firm will refund the penalty to you, providing you gave the Firm the opportunity to first seek abatement of the penalty from the applicable taxing authority, which may require you first paying the penalty to the taxing authority before abatement is sought. Additional tax due will always be your responsibility.

Interest on unpaid tax is also always your responsibility, because the interest rates charged by the applicable taxing authorities are reasonably similar to market lending rates.

Murray, Roberts & Otto CPA Firm S.C. guarantees the lowest tax assessment possible within our interpretation of tax law, based on the information we were provided. If we fail to provide this due to our error, we reserve the right to choose one of two remedies:

(1) refund the Firm’s fee for the return in question, limited to the amount of tax in question (for example, if our fees are $250 and the decrease in tax is $75, our liability for refund would be limited to $75), and

(2) amend the return in question to reflect the lower tax at no additional fee to you. The Firm’s liability is limited to either remedy the firm chooses.

The Firm is not liable for any tax liabilities due any taxing authority. In addition, the Firm’s guarantee is only valid using current tax laws, and does not guarantee against other returns prepared in violation of tax law or any other interpretation of tax law which the Firm judges to be incorrect. The Firm reserves the right to interpret tax laws as to their correct application within the context of this guarantee.


  • Fast, efficient, personal service

  • Electronic filing included

  • All returns prepared by certified professionals (Certified Public Accountants and Enrolled Agents)

  • Secure electronic document sharing for long distance clients


  • Individuals

  • Corporations (C & S), LLCs, partnerships, sole proprietors

  • Estates, Trusts, and Gifts

  • Not-for-profit

  • All 50 states


  • Tax planning and modeling

  • Business income

  • Real estate rental activity

  • Complex investment income

  • Executive compensation, including stock options and vesting shares

estate and trust


  • Estate and trust income (Form 1041)

  • Estate tax (Form 706)

  • Gifts (Form 709)

  • Split Interest Trusts (Form 5227) for Charitable Lead Annuity Trusts, and Charitable Remainder Trusts

  • All 50 states

We are recognized as experts in the area of estate and trust taxation. We frequently consult with estate planning attorneys regarding the tax implications of the plans they develop.



  • Federal income tax

  • Federal estate tax

In Wisconsin:

  • State income tax

  • Sales tax

  • Unemployment insurance


  • We will ‘pre-audit’ your return to identify weaknesses in documentation

  • Assess potential under/over reporting of tax

  • Organize your documentation for a fast and efficient audit

  • We will represent you, and coordinate all communication with government

  • Research court cases of other taxpayers in similar circumstances when necessary

  • Negotiate with government on your behalf when necessary

The skill and professionalism of your representative can dramatically affect the outcome of your audit.

sales and use tax


  • Experienced professionals

  • Fast and efficient

  • Electronic filing

  • Expertise in Wisconsin sales and use tax reporting


  • Prepared for manufacturers, manufacturing real estate, and non-manufacturers

  • Experienced professionals

  • Fast and efficient

  • Electronic filing


Researching your uncommon tax positions can prove to be a very valuable investment in the following ways:

  • Identify documentation weaknesses before you are audited by researching court cases of previous IRS victories against taxpayers

  • Determine the level of risk associated with your tax position, and estimate the probability of your tax position being reversed in an audit

  • Identify legal tax positions supported by taxpayer victories in court against the IRS

  • Remove doubt and insecurity regarding tax positions claimed on your return

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