Bill Payment
Be effective or go home. Literally. Let us handle paying your bills, so you can do the things that only you can do.

As a component of our accounting services, we also offer bill payment services. If one of our accountants is entering your transactional data into our accounting system to reconcile your bank statements and prepare your financial statements, we can add the bill payment and records retention service for a minimal additional fee. Instead of you or your staff paying a bill by writing a check, only to have the data re-entered by our staff when preparing your accounting records, it is far more efficient to have our staff also print the check for you. As an additional benefit, we will also scan and retain electronic images of all of your invoices.

The combination of CPA prepared financial statements with electronic invoice documentation reduces the time needed to prepare your income tax returns, reduces the time and expense of financial statement audits, and puts you in the ideal state of preparedness for any potential income tax audit.


  • You must be using our accounting services to use this service.

  • Invoices approved by you for payment are forwarded to us weekly or bi-weekly in batches (lower frequency reduces the cost of the service to you).

  • Invoices can be dropped off, mailed (not recommended), faxed, scanned and emailed, loaded to your encrypted lockbox on our website, or even sent by your smart phone.

  • Electronic payments or paper checks are generated weekly or bi-weekly (again, lower frequency reduces your cost).

  • Emergency payments are available.

  • After each payment cycle, an electronic copy of your check register is loaded to your encrypted lockbox on our website, available for you to download anytime.

  • Electronic images of all invoices paid are maintained by us with your accounting records.

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